Eudon Choi Pre-Show Interview With Stylist Chloe Kerman

This season Vauxhall Fashion Scout Merit Award winner Eudon Choi is joining forces with Tank Magazine's Fashion Editor Chloe Kerman as she lends her creative eye and opinion in styling his Spring / Summer '11 collection. As a fan of Chloe's work I was thrilled when I managed to peek in on the show rehearsal and chat with the influential stylist about the collection...

What are your thoughts on the Fashion Scout Merit Award initiative for young designers?
I think it's great and gives new designers the opportunity to show their collections with an added element of support behind them.

How are you accessorizing this collection?
In terms of accessories we are using shoes by Camilla Skovgaard and some metallic chunky chain jewelery for detail, just little touches, tints here and there. The theme for Eudon's collection is work-wear inspired, so the hair particularly we went about doing in a kind of chignon that had maybe been slept in, like women that worked war time factories. They'd sort of put it up in the morning before work and go to bed in it, around the hairline we tried to emulate the greasy roots of a factory girl. The make up has a lot of highlighting really bringing out the cheekbones and the look is defined with alot of contouring around the eyes.

Explain the styling process, has it be a collaborative effort right from the start of the drawing board?
With Eudon it's been very much that he's designed the collection and I've come in right at the end and said what I think and optioned what looks work well together. It's been a successful collaboration in that sense.

What really stands out about Eudon's collection?
I think they are absolutely beautifully designed, perfectly made and incredibly wearable. I would want most of it in my wardrobe and I know many women would too. The colour palette is also absolutely beautiful.

Are there any key trends to look out for within the collection?
There is a bit of utilitarian and military going in there and a bit of 70's too, that is something I think is going to be a big trend for this season particularly in terms of trousers.

I have no doubt that Eudon's collection will win sterling reviews as he shows with Fashion Scout for a second season.

Words by Lara Angol