An Interview With Jeff Garner: Prophetik

As Fashion week approaches we are becoming ever more eager to see what our designers will deliver this season! Last week I managed to catch up with Jeff Garner of Prophetik to steal a glimpse of what he’s planning for his upcoming show. Jeff revealed his inspiration, shared his passion for sustainable fashion and hinted about what is going to be an unmissable catwalk event! If last season's Prophetik show is anything to go by (legendary live rock acts accompanying the models down the catwalk) the S/S 11 show is set to impress.

What is inspiring your collection this season and how did you come up with the concept?
‘Midnight Garden’ is the name of the show and tracks the journey of a fearless explorer who stumbles upon his ethereal Muse in a midnight moonlit garden in the Deep South. What better way to be inspired than to be in the ideal of love? The concept came to me in a vision after contemplating what true love really exemplifies.  Unlike most societal programming or codependent natures, the ethereal, romantic soul of a woman desires nothing else than to go on an adventure with her explorer, not have him discover her, and the adventure to end.

Is this something that has inspired the colour palette?
Very much so.  The blues, reds, and teal tones showcase the passion of idealism, the ethereal coming up from the sea and magical places. The neutrals represent the safety and security of simple realism and every day life.

Your brand is built upon sustainability both in the fabrics you use and means of production. What kind of sustainable design practice can we expect this season?
The newest sustainable practice is implemented through the whole collection through our use of plant and earth-based dyes that we grow in our community garden in Nashville, Tennessee.  We’re discovering new colours and developing a more productive future for natural dyes that will benefit the fashion industry as a whole.

Do you feel the awareness for sustainable fashion has grown considerably since you first launched?
I firmly feel that sustainable fashion has grown and has become more of a topic of conversation recently fashion weeks all over the world.

Prophetik has a strong presence in the US and is stocked internationally. What is it about showing in London that appeals to you?
One never knows what draws him or her to a person, place, or idea, yet they are drawn and must go. I know I am supposed to be in London, to be part of the strong sustainable movement, pioneered by the likes of Orsola de Castro and Estethica. London has a foothold in the door in regards to sustainable design and I plan to be at the front lines alongside everyone here, fighting for the same cause and awareness in ethical fashion.

Plus, I like to ride horses in Hyde Park and in the countryside on the weekends.

Last season we saw both men’s and womenswear from Prophetik, is this something we should expect again for spring/ summer?
Yes one cannot have a Muse without a suitor, or lady without a Southern gentleman. It would seem they tend to go nicely together. I also design my pieces for the transitional wearer, where the garments can be worn by either sex, except for the ball gowns!

Your A/W 11 catwalk show went off with a bang as a live rock act accompanied the models on the catwalk, can we expect theatrics like that for this season?
As a creative artist I tell as story to communicate a passionate vision each season and my medium is clothing and the catwalk show. As long as I am creating I will have a message to share, and yes, Prophetik’s trademark theatrics will be part of the show on the 17th.  Without giving too much away, I am definitely bringing a little bit of Tennessee with me back to London.

Aside from this does music influence your work in any other respect?
Music allows the soul to dance and it always plays a role in my design process.

Describe the Prophetik customer, who is he/she?
A romantic, Renaissance artist that has a sense of value and conscious thought.

Where do you see your brand in the future?
Prophetik will continue to grow as a global fashion eco brand and continue as a beacon in the sustainable arena, and I see a barn in Leipers Fork, Tennesse in a field of indigo and marigolds, which will serve as our design studio, keeping us accountable to the vision by staying simple.

Lara Angol