An Interview with Nimesh Gadhia of Post Human Wardrobe

It was simply by chance that I was able to get a few moments with our budding designer Nim Gadhia of Post Human Wardrobe. As he popped into our office last week I seized the opportunity to bother him with a couple of questions about his upcoming presentation. It turns out this understated menswear designer with a knack for fusing form and function has actually got an action packed presentation up his sleeve as Post Human Wardrobe makes it’s debut at London Fashion Week this season.

This is your first time showing at London Fashion Week, are you excited to be exhibiting with Vauxhall Fashion Scout?
Yes, I’m thrilled!  This is my first time showing during London Fashion Week and I feel a platform such as Fashion Scout is the perfect launching pad for a new designer like myself.

What can you reveal about the format for your presentation this season?
I will be making a short fashion film almost like a music video that, instead of regular catwalk models, will feature Brazilian fighters. We’ve got Jujitsu and Capoeira fighters to feature in the film, each will be wearing my designs and performing all kinds of exciting acrobatics. The film will be set to a high energy bass filled background tune.

On the day itself the clothing will of course be there on a rail and the athletes are going to perform a live demonstration as well!

What has been your inspiration this season?
This season is a philosophical and physical exploration of the requirements of clothing worn in Brazilian martial arts. It is this, combined with traditional elements of tailoring and menswear construction, that enables me to produce a contemporary menswear collection. This season think Chris Cunningham meets Sean Connery, but in his younger days.

What has inspired your colour palette?
It’s minimal. If you’re juggling pattern, interesting silhouette and structure and you want to keep it wearable, for me, you can’t put too many colours in the mix.

Describe your overall design discipline and concept?
Form follows function.

What are your thoughts on London Fashion Week designating a specific day each season for menswear?
It’s great that we have an entire day with one sole focus and everyone is in town for that day specifically. Although it seems a bit silly really, considering most menswear buyers close their books by the end of July! Most menswear designers around the world show in June yet London menswear shows in September. With that said it is an invaluable opportunity for press and exposure, particularly as it is my first time showing!

Where do you see Post Human wardrobe in the future?
I see it as a brand with longevity and I aim to be around for quite a while! This A/W should be exciting. I am looking forward to getting stuck into layers, creating coats and knitwear. From here on out I intend to proliferate, continuing to build a brand and eventually have it stocked everywhere!

The Post Human Wardrobe presentation takes place from 13:00 to 16:00 on Wednesday the 22nd of September 2010 at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout venue. See for more info.

Lara Angol