Kingston Presentation Review

Entering Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s exhibition hall filled with the MA students’ designs gave me an insight into the innovative minds of the graduates. A wild mix of knitwear, modernistic shapes, and contrasting textures greeted the eye and the viewers struggled to choose whose dramatic idea to focus on first! Would it be the ‘fractured dress’, colourful knitted body suit or interestingly draped skirts and dresses?

Final designs ranged from lycra catsuits, quilted dresses and voluminous jumpsuits showing just how versatile and diverse the students all are. Lianna Sheppard undeniably stole everyone’s attention with her surreal 3D structured creations. Of her label ‘Modu_gram’ she says it, “is as much about process as it is about product.” A personal favourite was Yuka Maeda who has named her designs ‘You’re all mine (you’re all in me)’, she urges viewers to “read my stitches, look closely at the embroidery, all my secrets revealed”. The final look consists of cheeky long socks and school girl style neutral coloured dresses.

To the side of the hall, students displayed key pieces from their collections. These ranged from sparkly masks, wooden head pieces, geometric shaped bangles and folded leather necklaces. Judging by this preview, the show later today is bound to be a success! 

Words by Tess Stam
Illustration by Laura Cremene
Photography by Nicole Trundle
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