Menswear Day : Agi&Sam


A throng of fashionistas and photographers descended on the presentation room at Vauxhall Fashion Scout this afternoon to witness the fashion week debut of Agi&Sam, the exciting young menswear label currently the talk of Freemasons Hall. The narrow entrance to the grand art-deco space where the duo’s second collection, titled The Native American Colonisation of the United States, is being held is momentarily blocked with eager photographers shooting the elaborate installation created by the duo and expert art directors from the Off World project.
Models clad in hand-crafted moccasins, ankle grazing slim fit slacks and blazers, in a kaleidoscopic array of colours, textures and prints, lounge lazily in a space littered with dirt, dead leaves, antiques  and animal bones.  The looks are playful and styled with quirky accessories including on-trend rucksacks and animal bone jewellery.
A model with poker straight long hair wears tobacco coloured slacks, a tailored shirt with a hazy print effect in black, burnt orange, green and crimson and a simplistic Indian-woven trench coat and fedora,  displaying the collections affinity with an earthy Native American aesthetic but a desire to make clothes which are covetable, contemporary, and above all, cool.
Amongst the crowd we spotted an up-and-coming talent of the musical variety, UK music producer Labyrinth, who was decked out in clothes from this collection and gushed “I love these guys and what they do!” Labyrinth wore slim-fit baby blue trousers with a ‘dead bodies’ print inspired by a Wild West movie, teamed with a crisp white Agi&Sam shirt and Louis Vuitton quilted bomber.

Words & Images : Alex Fynn O'Neill
Illustrations : Vic Riches