Merit Award : Eudon Choi Catwalk Review

If you could only use one word to describe what was on display at this season’s Merit Award runway show, it would be ‘pockets.’  Placed on lightweight cotton coats and panelled mid-calf skirts, pockets became more than just a functional practicality but a design feature. Entitled ‘Industrial Revolution’, Eudon Choi’s spring/summer 11 collection takes inspiration from a 1920s warehouse coat, sparking a theme of utility and uniform clothing: Workman belts were wrapped around silk and jersey shift dresses whilst the traditional apron had been reworked by Choi and incorporated into sheer, silk-georgette blouses and panelled pinafores.

Neutral hues of camel, grey, dusky blue and faded pink were used for the majority of the collection, with a dash of green and black brush stroke digi-print featured on a few garments.  

As his 3rd season, I was pleased to see Eudon’s latest creations had not lost his signature androgynous style, providing a masculine take on the female silhouette.

Words: Sarah Barlow
Photography: Nicole Trundle
Illustrations: Vic Riches and KELLYANNA