One Day Designer Exhibition : Gabriella Gonzalez

In between shows I caught up with Gabriella Gonzalez who was displaying her SS11 collection, ‘The Cyclops Apprentice’ for today only in Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Exhibition space. My eyes eagerly scanned her highly conceptual designs: massive platforms, lots of leather and thick chains. I could not wait to ask Gabriella about her dark, edgy pieces.

Have you had many buyers showing interest in your designs today?
Yes, there’s been a lot of positive attention towards the exhibition. I’ve had several buyers express interest in my work so that’s really promising.

Do you have a signature style that you incorporate into your collections?
I like to make all my collections unique and exciting, but I think people that know my work will recognise my ‘look’ and the similar themes behind what I create.

The collection is called ‘The Cyclops Apprentice’, what’s the main theme behind that?
Basically, it’s about an inner vision. I want people to focus on their instinct and to not take things at face value. The collection is about feelings and to do what you believe yourself, not what other people are telling you to think. That’s why I designed the goggles with one lens in the centre, to encourage people to use their minds – see with your heart not your eyes.

Who would you love to see in your wacky creations?
An everyday person, who obviously has the guts to wear my stuff. My pieces are an opportunity to challenge the wearer and to try new things. They break the fear barrier and question society’s acceptance.

How have you found the experience of exhibiting with Fashion Scout this season?
I’m very grateful to everyone at Vauxhall. Today’s exhibition has definitely created more interest for my collection so I’m really happy about that.

Gabriella’s collection is available to order at Machine-A. Check out her inventive pieces at, you won’t be disappointed. 

Words: Tess Stam
Illustration: KELLYANNA
Photography: Alex Fynn O'Neill