One Day Designer Exhibition: Sara Bro-Jorgensen

Fashion Scout’s Exhibition Hall saw once photographer and knitwear student-cum- fashion designer Sara Bro-Jorgensen boast her latest designs to the public today. I admired tassels, prints and embellished sections on maxi and knee-length pieces in black, white and stone shades before grabbing Sara for a quick chat!
How has the exhibition been for you, so far?
 It’s been good thanks, really busy. I’ve had a lot of interest from buyers and press! I’m really grateful to be able to show my designs in this popular space for the day.
What’s the inspiration behind your most recent collection? 
I used to be a photographer and the collection is based upon a set of black and white pictures I took. It was inspired by buildings so that’s why the pieces are graphic and patterned. It’s focused on contrast so I worked with dark, heavy pieces against light and dreamy materials.
What is your approach to design?
Because I studied knitwear my work is very technique based. I toned down the colour and even repeated a pattern on three items just to explore what you can do and show that there’s no limit!
We hope Sara will be back next season so we can covet more of her futuristic, expertly crafted pieces. 
Words: Tess Stam
Images : Nicole Trundle
Illustration : KELLYANNA