Prophetik Catwalk Review

As I entered the catwalk hall, following a relaxed drink reception in the foyer, I was greeted by a flurry of sensations. Olfactory, visual and audio, no sense was left untouched. The air smelt of an orchard and swirled with the scent of freshly cut grass, whilst a melodic tune of an all American west country band bounced around the room. Stretched out along the catwalk was a crisp green length of turf, transforming the pristine white catwalk into a charming meadow, the mood was set!

Styled by Rebekah Roy the models, crowned by their wispy fair hair folded into fishtail braids, wondered down the catwalk with a nonchalant elegance. Presented on the catwalk were off-white prairie style boned gowns worn with boots laced along the curve of the heal, dip dyed romantic floor length dresses and thinner flirtier a-line shapes.

The men’s looks were equally as romantic as designer Jeff Garner played with layering. Weathered shirts sat casually under waistcoats, one of which was mottled at the back by a painterly hand-dying process.

The Atmosphere continued even after the show as the audience swarmed Jeff to celebrate the success of the show. I managed to steal a few seconds and found out what comes next for the ethical fashion advocate.

“It’s a lovely feeling now the show is done! We are actually closing Vancouver Fashion Week, so I’m flying out in about a week. I’m going to stick around in England to ride a horse first!”

As promised Prophetik delivered another theatrical show this Spring/Summer 2011!

Words: Lara Angol
Photography: Nicole Trundle
Illustrations: Kelly Sheppard