VFS Designers Receive Successful Press Coverage

With shows and presentations at Paris, (the final instalment to the SS’11 fashion weeks) officially over, editors and journalists worldwide are all settled comfortably back behind their desks and churning out “SS’11 Trend Reports” and “Fashion Week Round-ups” left, right and centre. SHOWstudio, Vogue, Dazed Digital, Interview Magazine, Another, Glamour, Amelia’s, Topshop: Inside Out and Labb are just a few of many notable magazines, blogs, e-zines and websites which have featured reviews on this season’s Vauxhall Fashion Scout designers and their SS ‘11 collections, with more and more being released, posted and printed each day...

Susanna Lau, a.k.a Susie Bubble of Style Bubble admits on SHOWstudio.com that she “was quite taken” with Kirsty Ward and her collection of “pastel textures and diaphanous interloping structures:"

Jessica Bumpus of VOGUE.com stated that ‘Ones To Watch’ designers; LiLee, A.Hallucination, Charlotte Taylor and Georgia Hardinge are “all indeed ones to watch:”

Amelia Gregory of Amelia’s Magazine dubbed VFS exhibition designers, Bolshie, Kirsty Ward, James Hock and YONG "the best new designers" of London Fashion Week:

Interview's Ana Finel Honigman states Masha Ma's "show was cool:"

Sarah Barlow
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