VFS Designers Featured In NOIR Magazine

(Front cover image: Prophetik SS '11 Runway show)

Online fashion magazine NOIR, released its London Fashion Week issue last weekend containing interview features with Vauxhall Fashion Scout designers, Elliott J. Frieze, Masha Ma, Kirsty Ward and David Longshaw as well as detailed reviews of many of our runway shows and presentations for the SS '11 showcase. Check out what they thought of our designer line up for this season:

Lako Bukia:
“A highly impressive first presentation at London Fashion Week which deserves every bit of the hype it received.”

“Jeff injects style and soul into his unisex line.”

Elliott J. Frieze:
“Elliot added a sophisticated and youthful take on a classic shape.”

Masha Ma:
“A stunning collection that deserves the buzz it acquired.”

Kirsty Ward:
“By far my favourite collection of London fashion week this year!”

Fashion Shenzhen:
“This flamboyant show was a marvel of diversity and inventiveness.”

Carlotta Actis Barone:
“Impressively powerful collection”

Elson Figueiredo:
“A smart, quirky and distinctive collection.”

Florian Jayet:
“I have a sneaky suspicion that we’ll be seeing a lot more from Jayet in the future.”

Romeo Pires:
“I can see the over sized shirts becoming a big hit”

Jasper Garvida:
Belle by name- belle by nature!”

Krystof Strozyna:
“What really caught my eye was the digital animal print which brought sharp bursts of neon colour”

Orschel Read:
“This collection was thrilling: class, glamour, panache, flamboyant, eccentricity and inventiveness-I could not have asked for more.”

Agi and Sam:
“Eye catching and ‘cool’.”

Post Human Wardrobe:
“Functional and stylish.”

NOIR is available to view online now or alternatively you can purchase a printed copy from magcloud.com.