Harrods Christmas Window Review

In my mind Harrods far surpasses every Christmas window in London this year after blowing me away with its magical Peter Pan tribute. They celebrate the birth of J.M. Barrie; the creator of the enchanting tale, who was born 150 years ago.

The tale is told through a stunning collection of scenes full of glistening Fairies and frolicking Lost Boys. Each frame has a delicious assortment of goodies nestled in a captivating forest teeming with shimmering foliage. Each mannequin has been painstakingly considered with dazzling garments, scintillating make up and dramatic hairstyles. Some Tinkerbells are suspended in the air flying above the idyllic children’s playground. An all-encompassing sense of luxury and extravagance is projected onto Brompton Road, stimulating the celebratory senses. Each ensemble is an inspiration for the many outfits needed for 2010’s merry party season. If it wasn’t for the bitter temperatures this winter I could stand mesmerized for hours at this dazzling performance. I would like to step into the window and snuggle up next to Wendy and Peter in their magical world and be showered in glitter and sumptuous gifts.

The glorious combination of lighting, clothing, music, video, makeup, and storytelling produce an incredibly festive atmosphere temping you to rush inside and fill bag upon bag with Christmas goodies. There is even a Peter Pan themed collection available to buy in store with Christmas decorations and gifts on offer.

Charlotte Summers