Ralph Lauren 4-D Performance

On a chilly Wednesday in November at the junction of Old Bond Street and Burlington Gardens, intrigue and wonder built up when The Ralph Lauren building was turned into a six storey high, four dimensional cinema screen. By nightfall there was an eerie darkness as the street lamps and shop windows were turned off, and onlookers found a spot resting against bedazzled Cartier and Boodles windows.

The atmosphere was very like that anxious anticipation of a frosty New Year’s Eve before fireworks light up the sky. Ralph Lauren as such a prominent world renowned influence in the fashion industry had the crowd hopeful for a spectacular event.

RALPHLAUREN.COM was emblazed across the digital wall to highlight the intention of the occasion and a paranormal soundtrack was blasted. Fantasy masonry crumbled to the ground. Like an atomic bomb the windows detonated into a luminous glow. The heavenly building showed the silhouettes of 50ft models through the frames. These disappeared in an ‘Inception’-like cubist deconstruction of the walls to reveal a marble interior with columns and chandeliers lining a staircase. Luxurious designs on more giant models who marched towards the crowd and were showered in rose petals on departure. An oversized red crocodile skin handbag with gold plating spun in front of an enthusiastic crowd who let out cries of joy and appreciation: evidently a key staple for every Ralph Lauren fan this season. An emerald and gold belt followed this and fastened itself gracefully around the shop, then signature ties fit for Goliath hung from the roof, swinging in a breeze. The shop shook and shuddered before a Polo pony from Prince Charles’s team charged through smashing the stonework and continued on with an energetic match before Polo Ralph Lauren fragrance bottles took over the screen and detonated to shower the shop with scent. Spotlights shone over the wall providing glimpses into an elegant boutique and studio. Iconic Ralph Lauren images were framed and shot up into the skies. We were then greeted by Ralph himself, waving down to us from a glowing window.

The crowd came away with an eager desire to experience the new website after witnessing the technological display. The classical design and heritage of Ralph Lauren has been complemented by a digital revolution and confirms a forward-looking attitude for the traditional brand.

Charlotte Summers