Andrew Logan Rejoice Exhibition Review

In a very expressive atmosphere, Flowers introduced the industry to a virtuoso in creative industry, Andrew Logan. Entitled ‘Rejoice’, the exhibition encompasses Logan’s latest creation of sculptures and jewelries, showcased in a subtle way. With enchanting and even glamorous vibe, Logan’s readily accessible yet replete with sophisticated references and open-ended interpretations art pieces are filled with astonishment and eccentricity, yet straightforward and indubitably interactive.

Logan’s interpretation of art is somehow stupendous and exciting to explore. He transforms, changes and marks the world around us, making it brighter, more accessible, and without no doubt, even more mind blowing. Strolling around the spacious yet rich exhibition, visitors will certainly be amused by Logan’s opulent works of art, which depict enigmatic beauty. He took the humblest, most unexpected materials and turns them into gold and other precious jewels, filled with splendor, extravagant, and glory.

As a proud recycler, Logan did not only use the found object, but also titivated, dressed up, and revolutionised them into a whole new genre of manmade constituents. Logan magically overhauled and amalgamated brittle materials such as glass, resin, glitter, Swarovski crystals, aluminum, metal, and fibre into easy flowing and riveting installations, which captured the eyes of art enthusiasts. From polychromatic Pegasus to whimsical mosaics, this first prominent London show of his for several years truly intended for those who believe in divine world of dream and love to have their imagination run unimpeded.

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Daud Gultom