Eudon Choi SS11 Look Book

Eudon Choi’s collection compliments a wide use of military pockets and masculine cuts making it perfect for a glamorous handy-woman. The uniform inspired silhouettes in materials fit for the armed forces are contrasted with female, wispy fabrics. Oversized male cuts are made feminine as they float and rest delicately on the models’ curves. Some garments highlight the breasts through sheer material cut in a boxed silhouette rather than a body conscious form. I am reminded of medical uniforms and the deconstruction of men’s work clothes. Pockets are a key feature of this collection with pieces made to look like them even if they are not utilized. It consists of clean lines and impeccable tailoring made up of canvas and mesh in neutral tones. The models have fresh simple hair and make up. The collection works well for a professional woman looking for some alternative lines that highlight erogenous zones as well as being appropriately uniform. I think there are many investment pieces, mostly utilitarian wear put together from a assortment of fabrics, which can be worn over many seasons and brought out again and again. Eudon Choi has created a sensitive and beautiful collection with a stimulating referencing to military attire and feminine power.

Charlotte Summer