Jemma Dyas Talk to Fashion Scout about ASOS Market Place

ASOS, the go to fashion site for everything from exclusive collections to niche designers, well-priced accessories, cleverly selected high-street brands, menswear and kidswear recently added Marketplace to their almost-overflowing stable. Powered by a ‘collective love of fashion’, users are able to sell their wares – as individual sellers or boutiques, meaning Marketplace sits somewhere between eBay and streetstyle blogs. Minus annoying and pouty poses. If your New Year resolutions included streamlining your closet whilst earning some dollar, Marketplace might be your best bet. We caught up with Jemma Dyas, Marketplace Fashion Scout, responsible for sourcing fresh fashion talent for the site – recent additions include Draw In Light and Astrid Anderson – to find out more.

Obviously Google just launched their Google Boutique, to much blogger fanfare and hype. Was you worried that it might distract attention from ASOS's new venture?

Not at all, the two concepts are quite different. ASOS Marketplace is about celebrating personal style, small businesses and innovative creative talent we believe that it’s not only the catwalk that starts and create trends but individuals and street culture also have huge influences.

I love the manifesto, how important was it that the key message behind the venture be conveyed to the consumer? I like that honesty, lots of brands seem to jump on a trend (maybe eco issues, green living etc) just as a way to reach a new audience easily...

The success of Marketplace relies on our fashion community interacting with the site, showing off their love of fashion through buying, selling and ‘loving’ items across the site, so we want everyone on board! The site is a true celebration of fashion, it’s a place for style inspiration as much as shopping. It puts control and creativity back into the users hands, so it’s incredibly important to convey this message.

ASOS is clearly doing well despite the Recession, do you see Marketplace as a natural progression of ASOS, or an acknowledgement of a market gap and an attempt to fill it?

Marketplace has been a dream of ASOS for several years now, it’s always been about empowering our customer, creating even more of a community and realising that there is so much creative talent around the world that should be celebrated. ASOS is a destination for fashion discoveries!

The recession has changed how and why people shop, do you think Marketplace would have worked five years ago?

I think that shoppers want something unique and special and this is a huge part of ASOS Marketplace but individuality is something that has always been prevalent in fashion and great personal style has always been aspirational so in those terms yes however the evolution of the community aspect in shopping and online wasn’t anywhere near as developed five years ago and this is hugely important to the Marketplace DNA.

Where will you be 'scouting' for new fashion sellers and brands?

Worldwide, which is the most exciting thing about Marketplace. Because we are looking for so many different “sellers” whether vintage, emerging designer, multi brand boutique, independent label or even wardrobe recycler the mix should always remain eclectic and exciting.

Is there any specific criteria you look for?

When recruiting for the boutiques my criteria hasn’t changed from when I was buying. It’s about falling in love with a designer and their collection first and foremost but then because we are giving them their own platform to sell from we need to ensure that they have good support systems, reliable production, relevant pricing structures and good understanding of the importance of good customer service and delivery times in place. It’s about believing in a brand/designer/store’s vision for the future and supporting them on the journey to achieve their goals.

Any plans to develop Marketplace further in the future?

Absolutely expect bigger and better things to come from Marketplace, it’s developing all the time! Our next big focus will be on opening up for international sellers.

Please visit ASOS Market Place Here!

Victoria Loomes