VFS designer's Selfridges windows


Kirsty Ward

Selfridges have won our hearts again with a true to reputation, awe-inspiring window collection! The lucky up and coming designers picked to dazzle the public with their work are taking part in Selfridges’s “BRIGHT young THiNGS” theme. Two designers are our very own at Vauxhall Fashion Scout; LiLee who is one of VFS SS11 Ones To Watch designers and Kirtsy Ward who is one of the new Ones To Watch deisgners.

Each window is an entirely different and exciting view into the world of the current collection of each young designer. They have chosen to accent their designs with their own stage deisgn with a backdrop, props and a divers range of mannequins. Each window is a new treasure trove to uncover, with some designers creating vast and extravagance theatres of excess to show off their wares and others choosing a uniform and humble approach that focuses on, and compliments the craftsmanship of the garments.

LiLee’s elegant tailoring and pleats are suspended in the air on gymnastic bodies that fly on trapezes across the window space. The fishing line structures remind me of giant Barbara Hepworth sculptures. This display is by far the most pure and relaxing of the window collection and the uniform lines within the garments and the staging are very satisfying to behold.

Kirtsy Ward’s combines her collections of jewelry and clothing in a scintillating fusion of mesh and metal. The soft sheer dresses with volumous silhouettes contrast daringly with sharp and architectural bijoux. The tranquil palette of mint, poppy, beige and black reminds me of 50’s sophistication, then the dramatic layering and boundary pushing silhouettes throw the garments into 2011 with a bang.

Charlotte Summers