Vogue.com celebrate its 15 years Anniversary!

15 years of Vogue.com, has it been that long already? An achievement for both fashion and modern technology, having pre dated even Google, Vogue.com is now celebrating its 15th anniversary. Beginning in 1996, it has tracked the world’s leading fashion icons and now Vogue have called in a few favours to celebrate their latest anniversary with a bang.

It’s an online party and you are invited, image what the conversation could be a party with fashions contributors there you have the backbone of Vogues online celebration. Contributors from Alexander Wang to Zandra Rhodes have all weighed in with their 15 favourite.

A few highlights are Dolce and Gabbana’s 15 favourite style tips and Sarah Doukas 15 faces to watch in 2011 and not forgetting our friends Felder Felder and their 15 favourite nights out.

So join us and pop on down to the Vogue.com party to celebrate an exciting and iconic anniversary.

Sara Bishop
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