10 Minutes with Stephanie Grace Foy

Irish designer, Stephanie Grace Foy is an innovator with a unique vision for the future of materials and flattering silhouettes. Her silk jersey dresses and separates display traditional elegance whilst bringing cutting edge ideas from the worlds of 3D design and architecture into fashion. Earlier today we managed to catch up with the designer and find out what she hopes to achieve this season...

What is your inspiration behind this collection?

My inspiration is derived from the fascinating world of hedonism. It instigates the motion of mysterious yet riveting ambience, and the amazing thing about it is that hedonism can be interpreted into various different looks and silhouettes.

How have the press responded to your collection so far?

I have gained alot of positive feedback regarding my latest collection.  The press has been really attentive and supportive throughout the season and it really encourages me to entice them more next season.

What do you hope to gain from exhibiting a Fashion Scout this season?

I would love to be a big name in this wonderful yet challenging industry. I am hoping that prominent buyers will be interested in my pieces and my works will be showcased into the catwalk.

Finally, what is your perception towards London Fashion and design?

Fashion nowadays changes really fast; even I sometimes can’t keep up with it. It moves with regard to technology, architecture, and process of architecture, as well as mixture of different types of fabrics and art forms.

Interview by Daud Gultom
Image : Ezzidin Alwan