Candy Black Hosts Afternoon Media Lounge Reception

Freemasons’ Media Lounge, designed by Candy Black, provides a calming ambience within the frenzy that is LFW. This afternoon, fashion insiders gathered for a friendly reception, hosted by the Candy Black duo themselves. They were given the opportunity to unwind and take a break from the hectic fashion industry whilst admiring the stunning space.

Amongst the warming cups of coffee, Hi Sushi dishes and refreshing Ty Nant water bottles, I chatted to Victoria Todd of Fashion Monitor. She loved our Media Lounge, observing that “it’s a relaxing change to LFW.” When I asked her about the chic design, which draws on the existing art deco structure, she gushed, “the white drapes are beautiful and with the music, I feel like I’m in a sanctuary away from it all.” She called the black leather seating “amazing” and we vowed not to get too comfortable before the next show!

Flat screen TVs, displaying clips from our fantastic runway shows remind everyone that they needn't slow down for too long. A perfect pit stop befor the Felicities Presents Presentation, opening the show for day 4 of LFW.

Words : Tess Stam
Images : Natalia Ilina
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