Exhibition Designer Adam Andrascik

Adam Andrascik’s display at the Fashion Scout Exhibition is a pristine range of bright colours and rich textures that see a dramatic shift from his previous two collections. Intrepid Boxy silhouettes and jagged cuts have been softened into garments that harmonize with the wearer whilst still retaining flatness. Stiffness has been soothed as quilted fabric curves in accordance with the female form, echoed by flowing lines that produce softer edges. These quilted waves also provide a contrast to the flatness and texture of the wool.

Adam’s interest in deconstruction as a means of creation was exercised through his exploration of negative and positive spaces, and their interaction. He achieved this with cut out areas filled with mesh and contrasted with blocks of pale colour. This new collection continues to draw on a minimalist aesthetic that appears more conservative and self-assured with clean-cut asymmetric lines. NBA basketball shirts have been Adam’s inspiration for this season and he has strengthened these designs with a palette of bright primary colours such as fuchsias and oranges. Adam is rapidly developing and it will be exciting to see where he takes his designs in the future. This is altogether achingly modern and distinctly unique.

Words : Amy Lockwood
Images : Ezzidin Alwan