FAD's 10th Competition!

On Tuesday the 22nd of February one young designer will be launched into the industry’s competitive skies! Fifteen have been narrowed down from hundreds, but only one will pass through the pearly gates into career heaven. Two more runners up will receive stimulating support up the professional ladder. The successful candidate will collect £2000 along with a prominent industry placement. The runners up will also receive £1000 and a work placement. Previous placements have resembled a young designer’s dream where a winner worked with Vivienne Westwood. They enjoyed a Paris Fashion Week expedition and a feature in The Telegraph’s Stella Magazine.

This competition at Vauxhall Fashion Scout has been described by Vogue.com as an “undeniable springboard”. It is a highly desirable opportunity that inspires, motivates, supports and promotes fresh, young designers as they take their first steps into the high paced fashion industry.

The breadth of talent within the judging panel heightens the thrill of the opportunity. Prestigious names from a variety of creative and supportive areas in the industry include: Kate Carter, Web Life and Style Editor at the Guardian; James Wallman, The Future Laboratory; Wendy Dagworthy, Head of the School of Fashion & Textiles at the Royal College of Art; Anne Tyrrell MBE, Anne Tyrrell Design Consultancy and Chair of BFC Colleges Council; Martyn Roberts, Director of Vauxhall Fashion Scout and Tracey Bartlett, Senior Womenswear Designer at ASOS.com and 2002 FAD Competition Winner.

We thoroughly look forward to seeing how the competitors have tackled FAD’s theme where we “escape from the everyday into a place of wonder and distraction’. This competition has brought attention to many great talents of our current industry. February 22nd looks set to unleash even more relentless creativity in the form of three lucky, young designers.

Good luck to the fresh, new fifteen!

Charlotte Summers