Interview with VFS Ones To Watch MEN designer - Camilla Bruerberg

How are you feeling on winning the Ones to Watch from Vauxhall Fashion Scout?

I'm very exited, honoured and just a tiny bit scared, as it should be. Very exited about showing my work outside of Norway.

What did you do to celebrate?

Worked a bit harder that day!

What was your experience in the fashion industry before forming your own brand?

After graduating from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2008 I've been doing fashion and textile freelance work for different Norwegian brands, theatre, television and musicians. In the textile departement I've focused on knit and print design. My latest project is a collaboration with the band Röyksopp on their costume consept.

Who is your favourite designer and why?

It's hard to choose only one, there are so many inspiring people who work in so different ways. For me I think names like Rei Kawakubo, Vivienne Westwood, Beirendonck and Margiela have been very important. They have inspired me and remind me to be true to my ideas. But there are also many young designers who are very interesting and bring new energy.

If you were not a fashion designer, what would you do?

Textile designer, paleontologist, musician or scientist.

What music do you listen to when you designing?

It all depends on the feel of the collection and my mood - everything from Tom Waits to Nine Inch Nails, Velvet Underground, classical music or Norwegian folk music. I guess I'm prone to a more organic expression in music, I like to hear voices with some real nerve.

What was your inspiration for your last season’s collection?

My last collection was called Archaeopteryx after the first bird to emerge from the dinosaurs. The inspiration was evolution, ancient forrest, change, summer, and the focus was on knit with transparent materials and digital print.

Where would you like to see your brand in a few years?

I hope to be more established and found collaborators that share my spesific interest in exploring fashion, textiles and menswear. I hope to gradually build relationships within the industry, but still be an active part of the growing Norwegian fashion scene. And not to forget to have some fun with it too.

Have you been to any of our mentoring event? What are your thoughts of the events? Have they helped?

I'm afraid I haven't been to any of the events, but I'm sure I would have if I lived in the UK.

Are you looking forward to your show in London Fashion Week? What do you expect from it?

I am very exited about the show, I hope to make some new acquaintances and be inspired. Will be interesting to see the respons.

Kenny Wang