Iris Van Herpen’s 2011 Couture Collection Review

Iris Van Herpen’s 2011 Couture collection, entitled Escapism, without doubt takes you to another world. Inspired by the digital age that we live in, technology has played a huge part in the design process of her collection. Going with this theme of the digital world; Herpen has collaborated with acclaimed milliner Stephen Jones to create outlandish head pieces from bits of technology – from small wind turbines to mini speakers.

Garments made of 3D shapes, unusual bulges and plastic caging stalked the catwalk. The structuring of each piece plays hallucinogenic tricks on you; with so many folds, pleats and twisted fabrics the eye doesn’t know where to start. For this collection, Herpen has joined up with architect Daniel Widrig to develop innovating fabric techniques. Materials that are normally found in architectural structures were used to create this dominating framed look. Herpen believes that art and sculpture should go hand in hand with fashion.

There were some softer pieces though; a scrunch effect dress decorated with wisps of hair-like fibres was subtle but edgy. The cute fluffy booty shoes were designed by Rem. D Koolhaas, founder & creative director of United Nude; they added a sweet tone to the severe garments.

Herpen has created once more an avant garde collection of futuristic charm. Everyone is now waiting with impatience for her A/W11 ready-to wear collection in a few weeks time.

Louisa Kilburn