LFW Day 1 - Jasper Garvida Catwalk Review

Jasper Garvida presented his latest collection, ‘Le baiser’ last night. I caught a surprisingly composed Jasper just minutes before the lights dimmed; he gushed that he was happy and relaxed because this season was a "casual projection" of his previous offering. He stated, "this is so different from the heavily embellished pieces of last season – I hope my calm mood reflects in the design."

As the band started up, the first dress pleased the eyes. A demure knee length grey piece followed by a backless halter neck tailored dress, were made exciting and sexy with daring slits and an exposed back. The streamlined tailoring stood out against soft draping, further contrasted by structural whirls of fabric. Jasper also incorporated lace pieces lending a romantic touch to the oriental silhouette seen elsewhere.

Soft pinks, cream and grey tones had a charming aesthetic, whilst deep navy, red and lime green enhanced the oriental influence that Jasper addressed. The women’s wear designer utilised a key symbol in repetition throughout the collection, spotted as a print on luxurious gowns and even as jangling silver pendants attached to rope belts.

If this cultural colour clash and flattering exotic silhouette wasn’t enough, armour-like embellished pieces added texture on peach and black clutch bags. Exquisite dresses were also presented with this effect. To complement the show, models faces were painted beautifully with striking red lips and smoky eyes. Jasper’s show came to a close, rounding up day 1 of LFW, portraying the "beauty that can be formed when two different worlds intertwine."

Words : Tess Stam
Catwalk Images : Lucas Seidenfaden
Other Image : Natalia Ilina
Illustrations : KELLYANNA