LFW Day 1 - Krystof Strozyna Catwalk Review

Krystof Strozyna’s second show with Vauxhall Fashion Scout held up his feminine aesthetic with close fitting, beautifully tailored garments in delicate and refreshing jewel shades. The show had the audience on the edge of their seats with anticipation with eerie, cosmic music followed by jungle drums as the models stepped onto the runway. The first piece was a minimalistic black and grey dress complimented by four cubist angular metal cuffs on each arm and a metal trim on each ankle. The necklines started high and began to progress lower becoming more angular and asymmetric in Krystof’s classic style.

The somehwhat sci-fi themed music was highlighted by silver fabrics adorning sleeves and sometimes entire garments. There were cuffs which took on a life of their own with subtle three-dimensional structures. Princess lines were manipulated and bent to form new silhouettes in the body fitting garments. The double layered ‘cut out’ coat has the form, length, sleeves and neckline we have seen all over the catwalks for AW11. The orange flash of lining reminded us of the burnt orange trend we will all be following next season.

Krystof showed off his classic feminine style in a beige tailored dress with cubist lines and stunning mint green ruched chiffon. As the silhouette relaxed, more draped chiffon took over the garments and the show was taken from day to night. This more playful look consisted of shirt dresses with mini-skirts and kaleidoscope digital prints. The burnt orange featuring in the final garments highlighted how trend focused Krystof’s designs always are. The show closing pieces had the audience in awe as a tailored black dress with mini skirt was complimented by a stunning salmon pink flash of chiffon drapery falling to the floor.  Well done Krystof for a spectacular second show with VFS.

Words : Charlotte Summers
Photos : Natalia Ilina