LFW Day 1 - Prophetik Catwalk Review

It was Prophetik that opened VFS’s shows today. Entitled ‘Artist Wonderment’, the story behind Jeff Garner’s collection was all about the regal artist and was inspired by the courts of Louis XV. Long gowns, flowing jackets and corsetry were dominant pieces in the collection. Regal fabrics incorporated into corsets, collars and cuffs could have easily appeared in Marie Antoinette’s salon. Jeff also used 100-year old patchwork quilting, handed down from his great grandmother Lola, to adorn pieces of the collection; some quilting was added simply as detailing, though a highlight was a men's tailored jacket entirely made of patchwork quilt.

The all-natural plant derived palette of deep scarlet, burgundy and plum gave Jeff’s A/W11 collection some warming colour.  Models carried quite a distinct look; greasy roots and frazzled crimped ends with pale skin and peachy/orange eyes.

Favourite pieces from the show were a twee red ridding cape in plum and a men's deep scarlet long coat. The feature of the show was the finale dress; a white silk and organza gown decorated with hand-sewn, shed ostrich feathers.  
After the show we asked Jeff about his plans now the show is over; “I’m going to go and ride a horse in Hyde Park”

Words : Louisa Kilburn
Photos :  Lucas Seidenfaden
Illustration : KELLYANNA
Illustration : Andy Bumpus