LFW Day 2- Carlotta Gherzi for Sado

Sado’s runway show was a refreshing burst of light prettiness amongst an otherwise fierce leather dominated season. Although her collection did feature black leather panelled pieces and tough black clutches and belts, the focal point was feminine rose pink and muted florals.

Models sauntered down the runway to an upbeat pop soundtrack, presenting a new hair trend for AW 11 – heavily straightened with a striking ridge midway down the hair. Influenced by Art Deco, Gherzi created appealing, feminine dresses and decorated some looks with dusky florals and her trademark unique prints. A one sleeved silk top was patterned with a vibrant print, resembling exotic fruit. The one shoulder dress shape was repeated, along with high neck items and puff skirts.
 As the show progressed, Gherzi introduced pieces adorned with scale-like metallic sections and structural dresses; a maxi with a cut out back was accessorised with beautiful beaded cap sleeves. Heavier pieces included woollen blazers with pale pink jersey trim, and dresses of varying length, with quilted box fronts. Her charming designs were given quirky appeal with an exaggerated plaited shoulder piece or ‘carpet’ suede scarves. A memorable end to Day 2 of LFW.

Words : Tess Stam
Images : Ezzdin Alwan
Illustration : Andy Bumpus