LFW Day 3 - Angela Cassidy Presentation Review

The atmosphere at Angela Cassidy’s presentation this morning was just as tranquil and cool as the clothing itself. The folky sounds of Bon Iver and Bat for Lashes soothed the room, whilst guests took the opportunity to lust over the latest offering from this Scottish knitwear designer. Inspired by coloured landscapes, cloud formation and water, Cassidy’s creations reflected its theme of nature through a soft colour palette: ‘Oaty’ and ’earthy’ hues were seen on finely knit ribbed leggings as well as chunky jumper dresses, with a hint of ‘burnt orange’ subtly highlighting key pieces. Interesting features such as reversed seams and oversized pockets placed onto scarves added a unique and unusual component to these cashmere staples… A very beautiful yet extremely wearable collection for autumn.

Words : Sarah Barlow
Images : Lucas Seidenfaden