LFW Day 3 - Fashion Mode : Florian Jayet

For this season Florian Jayet has taken inspiration from his background in biology to fuse science with fashion. Cream ribbed panelling on the knees and around the waist set against black reflected an almost skeletal silhouette, whilst padded leather shoulder structures worn over woollen trench coats created the illusion of a ‘second skin’ as an outer shell. Exaggerated hips and sharp shoulders effectively contrasted with soft quilted silk dresses in striking shades of taupe and ivory providing a feminine touch. Reference to 1920s fashion was also evident through waist clinching jackets and dresses, however with the inclusion of piped leather and interesting fabric manipulation the collection remained contemporary.

For accessories, Florian included unusual metallic headpieces which looped through hair rollers and brushed against the face, reflecting a look similar to insect antennas, whilst gold capped Perspex was featured on innovative jewellery sets. 

Words : Sarah Barlow
Images : Ezzidin Alwan