LFW Day 3 - jazzkatze Catwalk Review

jazzkatz is a quirky hybrid of designer Ayumi Sufu’s international experiences. A strong grounding in Japanese street fashion is infused with cool Britannia, creative Antwerp and girly Parisian creating eccentric clothes that celebrate diversity. This is further enforced by a parade of multicultural models whose presence enriched the look.

In addition to this, Sufu has taken inspiration for this seasons collection from medievalist writer, Umberto Eco’s novel ‘The Name of the Rose’; an intellectual fantasy mystery. The philosophical aspect is underpinned by imagery of the rose, the symbol of this collection.

The rose is used in fine prints along with patterns of snow-covered ground and reoccurs in the fabric, unifying the collection. Along with soft draping and ruched sheers and silks this creates a truly feminine feel. An oversized medieval hood is playful whilst tailored trousers and cropped pantaloons give masculine a appeal. Pearl encrusted tights and knickers add wit to sophisticated origami sculpted jackets and hair is tied high with bright colours to give tribal allure. The results are funky and creative. Pale snow prints are juxtaposed with reds, and Navy satins. Thick tights range from white, navy and black. This heady asymmetric mix is ultimately defined by a strong identity, a culture for the future.

Words : Amy Lockwood
Illustration : Andy Bumpus
Images : Lucas Seidenfaden