LFW Day 4 - Bunmi Koko Catwalk Review

Bunmi Koko’s AW11 collection is a kaleidoscope of intensely bright colours from outer space. Supernovas, rainbows and comets inspire Bunmi and generate a palette of ultra violets, oranges and sapphire which appear to radiate from the garments. She combines these phenomenon’s of light with the concept of the prism; a tool that harnesses the power of light and colour and she manipulates the images to produce futuristic Mc Queen style prints. A heavy use of black balances and grounds these fierce colours and patterns, offsetting them. The colours and prints are stunning, but equally so is the draping of the fabric, refining the design. Contrasts in fabric also contribute to this with hints of PVC, suede and sequins. The collection is a celebration of powerful femininity accentuated by strong shoulders, sexy high-waisted metallic leather skirts and full-bodied prom skirts. This powerful mix is hallucinogenic and with a pumping sound track and models who practically dance down the runway the show left viewers reeling from a party atmosphere.

Bunmi is compassionately using her exposure under the fashion spotlight to highlight the United Nations World Food Programme (WWP)’s “Fill the Cup” campaign.
Words : Amy Lockwood
Images : Ezzidin Alwan
Illustration : Andy Bumpus