LFW Day 4 - Samantha Cole Presentation

Samantha Cole created this collection by following her keen interest in three dimensional structures. Often inspired by architecture Cole concentrated this time on how far she could push soft fabrics and textures, working them into a three dimensional structure.  She loves to explore what can be used to make her garments three dimensional and this collection showcases this with a combination of striking structural prominence with surprising wear-ability. Her favourite making process is to rip fabric apart to find what textures and structures can be fashioned. Astronautical fabrics are used, concealed beneath the stunning corsets and skirts. This technology helps the soft fabric stay in striking structural positions. The collection was created by an assembly of ribs which produces a ripple effect in the garments. The electronic music set a futuristic ambiance in the striking Vestibule space. Models pounded the runway with each step in time with a beat producing a conveyor belt of bionic women.

The first ensemble was a rectangular shift with a shoulder cube and Cole’s  progressive engraved leather.  Cubist inspired faces were etched into leather and velvet in panels and cut outs. Corsets which sat notably away from the chest were contrasted with smooth, body-con velvet dresses with square shoulders. Soft wool ribbons had us wanting to reach out and experience the  scintillating textures against our skin. The final garments brought the two opposing silhouettes of the show together in a playsuit and then ball gown; highly structured bodices gave way to indulgent drapery which fell elegantly to the floor. The theme of cubism continued in the use of matt black eye make-up and structurally prominent hair by Tony and Guy complemented the collection. The styling was inspired by the film “Fifth Element” and Cole aimed to produce a 'cool club for the future’ completely contrasting the actual collection. Cole told us she is “all about female empowerment” and this was evident in as her models looked strong and powerful as they strode dominantly down the catwalk. She hopes not that the collection will wear the woman but the woman will wear the collection, strong and confident.

Words : Charlotte Summers
Images courtesy of Aizak Buyondo