LFW day 5 - BodyAmr Catwalk Review

BodyAmr brought us a powerful show full of strong and dominant ‘Amazonian’ models with solid frames. The garments were glamorous and feminine and exuded luxury and excess in a sexually elegant manner. The show was introduced by a sound track of a female protester giving a commanding political speech encouraging strong will, determination and perseverance at a recent and very relevant event. Searching spotlights were blasted around the audience and the first model strode athletically at great speed down the cross-shaped runway.  
Shaggy Mongolian sheep skin boleros in camel, black and turquoise escorted billowing silk gowns into the Autumn / Winter season. There was a stunning combination of body-con, draped, cowl neck and flowing dresses as well as sophisticated playsuits.  Some dresses consisted of body-con, high neck and long sleeves teamed with draped layers on top. There was a range of desirable camisoles in delicious block colours and in particular this season’s biggest colour; burnt orange. Mini dresses and ball gowns alike were bedazzled with gold plates and sequins which complemented the lavish swathes of silk. 
BodyAmr are hoping that this collection will entice powerful Middle Eastern women. Their idea behind the muse would be a modern woman starting revolutions in corrupt countries, just the recent events in Tahrir Square, Egypt. I can see Cleopatra the ancient queen of Egypt being an ideal customer. Every model wore ‘slave bangles’ on the ankles of their shoes to promote them as powerful women who have not forgotten their roots as an Odalisque. A pontificating woman on the sound track heard throughout the show was followed by dramatic music that would be at home in a cinematic battle scene.

Sitting in front row I peeked into my glossy black goody bag to find there a very sleek and on trend pair of head phones by ‘Urban Ears’ in a plum purple tone. Amber Rose was spotted looking striking and dominant wearing a BodyAmr dress from the show she modelled in last season.

Words : Charlotte Summers
Images 1-7 : Lucas Seidenfaden
Image 8 : Ezzidin Alwan
Illustration : Andy Bumpus