LFW Day 6 MENS - Ones To Watch : Mr Lipop

Mr Lipop’s debut at London Fashion Week saw a collection of distinctly British inspired designs that are incredibly refined for a designer of Tom Lipop’s years. Tom’s work indulges a minimal aesthetic where less is definitely more. Clean tailoring and attention to fine detail in the seams, collars and pockets married with uniform colours of beige, black, navy, and wine red give Tom’s work a purity that is self-assured and effortlessly cool. Tom achieves this aw-inspiring coolness by mixing his skillful tailoring with baggy jerseys, luxurious fur trimmed hoods, drawstrings, rolled up trousers and hints of the bare male body beneath, altogether revealing the versatility and wearability of his clothes. This styling accessorized with rucksacks emanates an urban feel.

Models marched down the runway in stunning black sunglasses by Cutler and Gross with long trenches and parker-macs flying behind them and the occasional black beret to evoke a nostalgic sense of espionage in a glamorous by-gone era of defined masculinity. One model wore a black woollen polo neck pulled up to conceal half of his face resembling the infamous James Dean portrait.

Tom is pushing the boundaries of tailoring and craft with interesting and innovative cuts. He boldly develops garments to transcend their established identities. For example, a suede shirt and a trench will elegantly transform into a wrap coat, displaying his skills and confidence. Tom experiments with age-old originals by shortening or lengthening shirts, cropping and ruching trousers and employing a range of materials and textures. He contrasts delicate chiffon shirts with hard leather coats, sheepskin, wool and jersey. However, he never gets brazen, always refined.

Words : Amy Lockwood
Images : Lucas Seidenfaden