OTW - 10 Minutes With Anja Mlakar

We had a quick catch up with Anja Mlakar before her strong, elegant designs graced the catwalk for the Ones To Watch group show. She was busy with the models, supervising the final touches...

You attended the Vauxhall mentoring sessions, what did you find useful about them?

I thought they were very useful. I got lots of pointers about the industry that will help me with my brand in future.

How are you feeling so close to the show?

I’m very stressed but it’s a healthy stress! It’s making me productive. I’m really excited for the designs to get out there!

What do you want to happen after this season?

Now I have a bit more information, I’m hoping to attract more buyers because my label is starting to get acknowledged. I want this to continue so I can start to form a relationship with buyers as my market grows!

Is there any advice you’d like to share to budding designers?

The main thing to remember is to trust yourself, always.

Tess Stam
Images from www.vauxhallfashionscout.com