OTW - 10 Minutes With Kirsty Ward

Venturing backstage just minutes before a runway show certainly is not for the faint hearted: During this hectic scene of designers frantically trying to steam garments whilst assistants dress their models at the speed of light is probably not the best time for me to interrupt but I wanted to have a quick chat with one of our most talked about designers of this season, Kirsty Ward…

This is your debut London Fashion Week show; how are you feeling?
Apart from the obvious pre-show stress and nerves, I am really excited but I am also quite looking forward to the relief of it all when it’s all over.

With the run up to London Fashion Week you’ve been gaining quite a lot of press attention, named as one of Elle magazine’s ‘Rising Stars’ as well as appearing on copious amounts of fashion blogs / websites such as Vogue.com, Vogue.it, Topshop blog and Susie Bubble’s Style Bubble… what were you particularly proud of? 
All of it really but I was very happy to be part of Selfridges’ ‘Bright Young Things’ as it was a great platform on which to showcase my work and gain extra interest.

Last year you exhibited with VFS: how does this experience differ…? Is your collection bigger this time?
No it’s actually smaller! But more concise and to the point. I think doing a runway show creates a bigger climax to your collection’s showcase.

It’s only a couple minutes now until your pieces go down the runway - what are you going to do afterwards to celebrate?
I will be celebrating tonight with Vauxhall Fashion Scout at their 10th season anniversary party!

Sarah Barlow
Image Natalia Ilina