VFS Ranked Number 4 in Twitter's Most Influential Fashionista Index by The Telegraph

Vauxhall Fashion Scout have been handed the great honour of being No. 4 in the Daily Telegraph’s list of Top Fashionistas on TWITTER. It is a titanic achievement from our team, with number one being fashion journalism’s powerhouse Hilary Alexander, two Susie Bubble and three Gemma Cartwright,

In our current climate of rapidly developing technology, the key to success and acknowledgement is keeping up with this digital revolution. Twitter is now a vital aid for every area of fashion communication. Vauxhall Fashion Scout have been so successful on Twitter they have beaten over forty prominent fashion commentators. This triumph has been calculated by judging how much impact they have with their social Web presence, how thoughtful the cementation is, and if the links provided are engaging and stimulating. The main three points used to study this are their triple A; ‘Authority’, ‘Audience’ and ‘Activity’.
With fashion week season launching before our eyes, it is imperative we keep our fingers on the tweet. It is the fastest most effective way of immersing ourselves in this delicious furor of creative innovation and beauty. Look out!

Thank you to all our followers!!! Congratulations to all on the list – see the research criteria and full list here! 

Charlotte Summers

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