VFS celebrates  the union between Not Just A Label and Mango fashion awards get together for the 4th edition of El Boton 2011. 

Vauxhall Fashion Scout is really exited for the up and coming 4th edition of  “El boton” - Mango Fashion Awards (MFA) as it consolidates it self as a mayor fashion contest joining forces with Not Just A Label (NJAL), a globally reaching designer directory and independent online retailer.  

El Boton has the support of 5 international fashion schools: Central Saint Martins, Institut Français de la Mode, Istituto Marangoni, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and l’Escole Superior de Disseny, which are the leading institutions on menoring new talents.

A worldwide opportunity is given with this collaboration giving out  a €300,000 prize to allow the young designer the chance to further their collections, being this year the largest sum offered to date in a competition of this type.

This contest reinforces the up and coming necessity of the industry in discovering and showcasing new talents and giving to the new generations the important role of taking fashion to its next level. Being innovative either in shape, fabrics, patterns or with the technology applied to create garments. Mastering any of this aptitudes, and pushing boundaries will call the attention of the industry or institutions like NJAL or Mango.

NJAL it self is an expert in helping designers gain exposure and finance their progression independently as well as providing an easily  accessible retailing forum via their online shop. Will provide supervision, and become the liaison between the designers and Mango Fashion Awards. The winner will gain the coverage and the directions needed to become the next leading innovative designer.

This year El boton entice their contestants to create their own revolution, a call to arms inviting them to become real revolutionaries, with a chance to change fashion, shapes, colours and trends. And it is motivating the fact that Mango Fashion Award, NJAL and Vauxhall Fashion Scout are part of this revolution, showcasing and giving directions to the future innovation leaders.

NJAL main aim is to create trends, combat imitation, perpetuate innovation and infuse enthusiasm back into the industry of fashion, and we say: let´s go for it¡

This new revolution begun since the registration period started the 15th February. Designers will have until the end of July to present their applications. The finalists will be announced in mid-November 2011.

VFS says: let´s innovate and be revolutionary! Well done for joining NJAL + Mango Fashion Awards.

Juan Mora Yanes
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