VFS ´s Merit Award Hermione de Paula interviewed in Fahion 156

Vauxhall Fashion Scout ´s Ones To Watch and Merit Award Hermione de Paula was featured and interviewed in Fashion 156 giving an unique advice yet really important. Measure twice, cut once.

The central Saint Martin graduate Hermione de Paula, has internationally established her style: hand painted prints, with a twisted vision of femininity. 

She does not make pretty, girly flowers, rose petals prints if you looks closer, they are, in fact,  made out of fish tails, and flowers are made of metal or ice. That is the personal twist from this young designer.   Each season she says that her aesthetic and ‘woman’ is intrinsically female, sexually charged yet nonchalant, as she commented in Fashion 156.

This is one of the many reasons she won Merit Award, this interest in twisting and representing things from other point of view, and being innovative in the way she sees woman clothing and woman itself.

As a young designer, but with a few seasons on her back, she can now have a point of view and give advice to younger generations. In this recent up and coming interest of finding new talents to re-vamp the fashion industry, many young talented designers persuade a quick arrival to the top, lacking on the slow process of growing as designers, and getting mature with the experience.

She can say, as an advice "measure twice and cut once". This is a great advice, literarily applied to fashion, and for the life in general. But not forget that from this side, fashion is the biggest part of the majority´s life.

This advice can be part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout mentoring events, where industry insiders and talented young designers join together and share a few words and advices. This experience gives some knowledge to be applied in the role to become a great and successful innovative designer.

Hermione, thank you for the advice! and remember to measure twice and cut once.
To read the entire interview click here.
Juan Mora Yanes
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