5 things every designer should know by Maria Alvares from FAD

Vauxhall Fashion Scout is soon organising mentoring events, with the main objective of providing help and advices to our designers with their businesses. 
This time The Fashion Scout listens to Maria Alvares who is the executive Director and founding member of Fashion Awareness Direct (FAD), which helps young people bridge the gap between education and industry. She told 5 things every designer should know in an interview by Blow PR. 
FAD selected for last season 15 designers, who showed with Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Them were enticed to create two garments with a theme, to escape. This young designers are advised by Maria, and now she shares those advices will all of us.
First she believes that it is essential to have experience within the fashion industry before establishing your own label.  According to her, this will provide you with knowledge and industry insights that then, can be applied to your own label.  As well, this industry experience will be the beginning of your career which is not a straight path, so be focused.
After your sponsoring finishes you have to be ready to face the industry as a growing business, in order to make money. Remember to concentrate on being creative, and find a good business partner, who have experience on the field. This is the advice of Maria Alvares when talking about running you business. Don not try to do everything by yourself.
You need to materialise you ideas and having construction skills will help, in order to know how they can be translated from ideas to an actual collection. “The bottom line is that people are going to buy your designs because they are well made” says Maria.  
Do not forget simplicity, and be focused on one idea to create your collection, do not put things on top of things, be cohesive. “Be brave enough to go with one idea” it is one of the advices from Maria. And this is right, as simplicity always is successful.
Once you have worked on your ideas, promote them. Let people know you and what you do, and what is different from others. The advice from FAD director Maria, is using the social media tools, to build a network of contacts that will talk about you. 
All this advices are key ideas and insights that can be used to build your brand and grow as a designer. Summarising, you have to have experience within the industry, have business knowledge or partner with someone who does, have construction skills, be simple and promote yourself.
Great advices from Maria Alvares who knows really well about breaking into the industry, and what it takes. To read the interview click here.
Juan Mora Yanes

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