Louise Hardcastle is featured by Marie Claire in their Talent Spot section.

Louis Hardcastle, young australian designer, who exhibited with Vauxhall Fashion Scout, is featured in Marie Claire in their Talent Spot section, June 2011 issue. On the article she is appointed as ones to follow emerging designer, as well is highlighted the direction her brand is taking, and she speaks about what inspired her SS 2011 collection.

A self-taught Fashion designer, applies her learned skills while being an Art Director and Graphic Designer to launch a label with an innovative objective: make a relaxed approach to modern Australia.

Her collections  portray  a style that can be defined as “easy luxe”, young, relaxed and exudes sophistication with a masculine edge. All this made out by replicating impeccable craftsmanship and british tailoring.

This season she will be launching her debut collection. She got inspired by the Quechua tribe in Peru, how they mix a vibrant palette and how they clash colours like red and fuchsia. And it is definitively innovative to see Quechua inspirations to build up a relaxed modern Australian look.

As well she confesses that she would love to see Diane Kruger or Carey Mullligan wearing Louis Hardcastle, as she likes and gets inspired by how they dress so simply but never wrong.

Her work is a colourful, relaxed and fresh wind that is on the "Talent spot", bringing a personal and innovative vision of sofistication. Enjoy her collection here.

Juan Mora Yanes.