Maria Francesca Pepe. People you should know.

Maria Francesca Pepe, On-schedule designer who showed with Vauxhall Fashion Scout, is presented by 10 magazine as someone we should know, and they gave us an insight into the designer behind the name with an in-depth interview about how she works, where she gets inspiration from, and some tips to make your own jewellery.

She defines her self as avant-garde and gothic, she likes luxury when it gets dirty and contaminated. She also confess “I´m rather selective and critical in my choices. But I do have a thing about pink stuff” which she regrets.
At the moment she is analyzing what she has done after fashion week and besides dealing with the industry, she feels the urgent necessity to start designing again, and she starts collecting ideas, inspirational things, and feedback  to be ready for the moment to start over again.
For her, it is easier to design jewels as you don´t have fitting rules and the construction process is much more straight forward. "What you draw in the paper is most likely what the final piece is going to look like" she says. And you can play with elements and tools. As well, she finds funny working on printing for her jersey range, she often use pictures of her jewelry to create prints. 
Maria gives an advice to student-budgeted readers. When she was a student she used to take pictures of expensive things she liked and printed them in cotton stripes to make fabric-jewelry. Now, that she can move into different materials, she has pierced with crystals and pearls the faces of vintage sexy icons such as James Dean, Rita Hayworth, Theda Bara.
She is auto-referential in her work, she goes with her emotions, but she is learning to be more aware of commercial values. She is not only trying to think about her wearing MFP but also about the customers and celebrities who represent the brand, like hugely eye-catching Lady Gaga. 

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Juan Mora Yanes
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