Mr. Lipop shortlisted for Fashion Finest Emerging Menswear Designer.

Not only one but two. Last post we featured Asger Juel Larsen nomination for Fashions Finest Emerging Menswear Designer 2011, today we are glad to announce that Mr. Lipop has also been nominated for the same prize! It seams that our guys are doing really well!

This nomination recognises Tom Lipop work and an unique and different vision of what men should wear. Mr Lipop´s signature style fuses beautiful illustration with experimental use of fabric and garment construction, being inspired by the historical lineage of British fashion.

This season, he showcased with Vauxhall Fashion Scout his A/W collection, which look book you can enjoy here.

Entitled “From London to Tokyo via the old crow runway” Mr Lipop designed baggy jerseys, luxurious fur trimmed hoods, drawstrings, rolled up trousers and chic yet rough leather rucksacks. Using uniform colours like beige, black, navy blue and red wine to create total looks or colour blocking mixes.  A minimal aesthetic and versatile collection, creating an elegant and urban uniform for today man. 

Mr. Lipop´s work has also called the attention of media and he has been featured in many different magazines that reviewed his collections or also got him to collaborate with them. Magazines like fashion 156 or featured in publication such as "this hearts on fire".

Since his graduation he has being growing up as designer and reinforcing his distinctive and innovative idea of menswear, this is the reason to be shortlisted as Fashions Finest Emerging Menswear Designer.

Chapeaux Mr. Lipop.

Juan Mora Yanes