Not Just A Label launches new web page

NJAL, the leading global resource for discovering and supporting pioneers in contemporary design, is celebrating 3 years of digital fashion launching a new state-of-the-art website. This will make their efforts stronger on supporting young an innovative designers.

With this new website they are trying to be at the spot, leading trends and new technology bringing the most innovative fashion designers to the front, and push undiscovered talent forth with ease. This new site is focused in answer the necessities of different sides of the industry, press, designers and shoppers.
For press and media, the site offers an improved designer directory, which allows accelerated access to the most exciting new talents, tailored to the industry’s demands. A section showcasing the newest collections offers a real-time avenue for finding new talent instantaneously, and an enhanced editorial section that brings more focus to fashion journalism; paying attention on topics not covered by the mainstream media.
For designers, the new site offers more exposure opportunities and an improved retail function to finance their progression independently. It also provides a fresh platform to promote and publicise independent design with increased functionality.
For shoppers, the site has elevated its retail platform to a new level, with access to the world’s most fashion-forward designs. Working alongside this launching, collaborations with London based designer, will complete the evolution of the site.
The evolution of this webpage enhances the previous efforts that NJAL was doing, as well as Vauxhall Fashion Scout, showcasing and bringing new talents to the front, and helping them to launch and grow businesses. Understanding the evolution of the new technologies and social networks is vital to succeed and be on the right track to carry on. 
Click here to visit their new webpage full of interesting new content.
Juan Mora Yanes
Fashion ScoutComment