Tze Goh spotted by Business of Fashion

Singapore-born designer, Tze Goh has been featured in Business of Fashion, in an article where he give some of the insights of his work processes and the thoughts behind his collections. “For me, fashion is all about changing the silhouette of a person.” according to the young designer, who already have a clear statement about fashion.

His clothes do not have any meaning “... so they don’t have so much semantics,” stablishes Tze Goh, to whom, the main idea to get from clothing is the shape they can give woman. He wants to create practical clothing stylistically sustainable, which nowadays is an innovative point of view over the fashion business were everything goes high speed.

He believes that a cohesive collection is the one that is only focused on one theme “I don’t really understand why there are so many themes in a collection; there’s no real reason for that” He sets one or two ides to work within those boundaries so he is sure his work is focused. As an example the two main inspiration for his Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, were the Japanese kimono and the sleek interiors of Porsche sport cars. Inspirations that helped to give shape to a minimal and pure lines collection.

To materialise this concept of clothes were the most important thing is shape, he makes his own materials, bounding virgin wood and cahsmere with 3D jersey to create slightly more rigid fabrics. This new way of utilising fabrics and other materials is what makes Vauxhall Fashion Scout Ones to watch designer, more innovative and clever when creating fashion is about. And is this unique techniques and ideas that makes Tze Goh gain the attention of media and the rest of industry.

This article reflects a unique personality, leaded by a constantly experimenting mind, with really fixed and mature fashion statements and ideas, that get succesfuly materialised in his collection.

Tze Goh collections are now available in new London´s concept store LN-CC, click on "store review" on this blog, if you want to read a store review by The Fashion Scout.

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Juan Mora Yanes