Gradute Fashion Week so far, so good!

As each June London gets inmerse in the pre-summer mood: the days are longer and the sun is shinning at its bests.

But as well it is the time that the city exudes innovation and young creativity. we are talking about Graduate Fashion Week, which was launched in 1991 and is a forum to showcase the very best BA Graduate fashion design talent in the UK.  The place to see what the graduates minds are thinking about.

One of this year graduates from Royal College of Art was Stephán Orschel-Read, born in India but raised up in Scotland, who studied laws before turning into a menswear designer. And the change worth it.

After showing with Vauxhall Fashion Scout for 2 seasons, he decided to enroll in a MA at RCA, which he finished last week presenting his graduate collection. A great collection, with special attention to details, such as the reinterpretation of the lapel,  and wise selection and use of fabrics, designing suit jackets with knitwear. Specially showing mastered skills for tailoring and patronage. Definitely this master has improved his skills and turn him into  a more mature menswear designer. He gained our applause from the front row.

Royal College of Arts, has nurture and educated, as well, other great designer that has showed with us such as, David Longshaw, Eudon Choi, Felicity Brown, Sarah Bro Jorgensen among others.

This whole week, is being exciting, coming in and out to shows, and coming to the office impressed by all the new things we have seen. It is worth to mention specially one of the graduate from Westminster University, Catarina Holm, who called our attention. Her collection was a collaboration between her and photographer Noémie Reijnen. Playing with transparent fabrics and acid orange and using floaty fabrics which are trapped with harnesses.

So far so good, this years Graduate Fashion Week is being exciting and inspiring, showing that graduates have a lot to say.
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