Not Just A label gives impressions about Selection Panel

With the eyes now looking at September 2011 and after  Selection Panel was held we can see the excitement rising up. Many calls coming in and some coming out to get everything arranged for next season.  Results will be soon unveiled.

As well we wondered what impressions did the judging panel had about what happen during Selection Panel, for that reason we interviewed Stefan Siegel from Not Just A Label to know more about his insights, and what the fashion´s black sheep thinks.

VFS: Which is your general perception from the Selection Panel?
NJAL: I think it is important that the selection is made by external experts in order to give the designers a feeling there are no politics involved.

VFS: Was it difficult to analyze and go through the collections?
NJAL: It is always hard to make a decision when you are effectively impacting a young and creative business.

VFS: Which were the criteria you used to make the selection?
NJAL: I disregarded everything which was not purely design related. Creativity, professionalism and quality were my key criteria.

VFS: You in NJAL support pioneers, can you higlight any aspect you founded pioneering or any concept you picked on?
NJAL: Vauxhall Fashion scout is moving ahead and I think that is pioneering. Just wait to see.

VFS: Can you give any advice to designers regarding september or future seasons?
NJAL: Create, don't imitate!

VFS: Can you draw a brief sketch of what we can see on september?
NJAL: Why would I want to spoil the surprise? We chose some fantastic designers, watch this space!

Some advices, some insights and building the excitement. Quite complete! Thank you so much.

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