Introducing Ones To Watch MEN: Baartman and Siegel

Last Tuesday Vauxhall Fashion Scout announced Ones To Watch MEN which rippled through the media with great excitement. After meeting with the four winners Baartman and Siegel, KYE, Posthuman wardrobe and Trine Lindegaard, for a “business” meeting we thought that actually would be good to get to know each of them:  a bit of their background and other bits and pieces. 
“Every once in a while a graduate comes along that you know will become a fashion star of the future” as Steve from StyleSalvage said, and after personally meeting Baartman and Siegel, we might have to agree. 
Amber along with her design partner Wouter, who already have been featured in PORT magazine, are young menswear designers who Focus on beautiful fabrics that seduce and distinctive yet accessible shapes. This luxury menswear label have already established collaborations with English shoemakers Grenson for their acclaimed suede-tipped Brogue range.
This is an appetiser, but let them talk. Vauxhall Fashion Scout tracked them down for a 60 second interview.
VFS:So, how did it felt when you were announced as one of Vauxhall Fashion Scout´s Ones To Watch MEN winner?
B&S: We are very delighted. One’s to watch Men is such a prestigious and exciting section- We feel like our first year of launching has been a wild ride and now showing our new collection at London Fashion Week is a wonderful cherry on top of the electric year!

VFS:How are you going to celebrate?
B&S: We shall be celebrating with friends in East London- at the Scoult’s head- (its our Friday ritual actually). Also we are in the middle of creating the next Autumn/Winter 2012-13 collection and other collaborations- so only a moment’s pause and then speeding forward we go.

VFS:Tell us a bit about of your industry experience.
B&S:We met while at Viktor & Rolf in Amsterdam, but in addition to this very creative and stimulating environment, we have been lucky enough to have been trained and exposed to other leading fashion houses, such as Marc Jacobs, Roland Mouret, Yves Saint Laurent, Preen, Luella, Katie Hillier and Tim Van Steenbergen. More recently we are graduates of the BA and MA menswear courses at London College of Fashion.

VFS:Which designer inspire you the most?
B&S:A designer that continues to inspire us, and we hugely admire is Dries Van Noten. His menswear and womenswear is always beautifully executed, with imaginative and stimulating use of colour, fabrication, detail and texture.
This past season or favourite from men’s June Paris Fashion Week was the first collection of Kim Jones for Louis Vuitton.  Modern luxury at its best.

VFS:If you weren't a fashion designer, what would you be?
B&S:Well i think we would both do something visual/practical. Wouter would probably be an architect or a product designer, he has a very technical and visual mind, and a wonderful ability to craft. I think i would probably lean towards something to do with horticulture. Very Visual though. One of my favourite places in London is Scarlet and Violet, the florist shop in North West London, always a feast for the eyes.

VFS:If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
B&S:Currently we collaborate each season with the renowned shoe makers Grenson for our range of bespoke brogues and footwear.We really enjoy working with their team each season- all of the shoes are hand made in their factory in the North of England, combining luxury, comfort and durability.
In addition to Grenson we would love to collaborate with Persol, the luxury eye-wear company- we have been fans for a while, and would like to develop a range of reading-glasses as well as sunglasses as part of the ultimate gentleman's travel kit. 

VFS: Where would you like to see your brand in the future?
B&S: As we move forward we are expanding our collection range to include more outerwear and casual pieces, as well as accessories.
We have covered a lot of ground in our first year, however each season and collection feels more exciting than the last. We are always hungry for the next chapter.
 For the future we are working on exciting collaborations with our mentors- other creatives, and brand leaders- We look forward to expanding our retail points across the UK, Europe and Worldwide, eventually with the creation of our own brand flag-ship shop. The landscape of menswear is at a very interesting moment- so we are pleased to be involved at such point of development.

VFS: If we pop into your studio right now what music will we hear?
B&S: Well we mainly have a strong 80’s background music mix featuring most days, but in addition to the joys of Giorgio Moroder and Fleet Wood Mac, we have been listening to The Besnard Lakes-Albatross, Neil Young, Broken Bells and Caribou.

VFS: How do you envision September?
B&S: September’s presentation collection is one of our most colourful, yet refined. Set around the Theme of ‘Dust Drifters’ the collection explores identity and man’s projection of self, through practical tailoring, luxurious fabrications and refined playfulness.  We presented the collection in Paris for sales and the response was most favourable amongst buyers, this season we are expanding our UK and international retails points.  The mix of designers in The OTW Men’s category all are so different, yet there is a wonderful energy created by the collective, so hopefully it will be a fantastic show & event for London Fashion Week-Men’s day. We are very much looking forward to it.
Baartman and Siegel will show as part of Ones To Watch MEN show on Wednesday 21st of September, along with KYE, Posthuman Wardrobe and Trine Lindegaard. We must confess we are in full swing with London Fashion Week´s preparation which will take place at Freemason from the 16th to 21st of September.
Stay tuned to get the chance to now more about KYE, Posthuman Wardrobe and Trine Lindegaard with this 60 second interviews.
Pictures: Amber and Wouter picture by PORT magazine

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