Introducing Vauxhall Fashion Scout´s Ones To Watch MEN: Trine Lindegaard

Following Baartman and Siegel introduction yesterday, we would like to introduce you to another of Vauxhall Fashion Scout´s Ones To Watch MEN winner: Trine Lindegaard. 
Trine Lindegaard’s playful approach to menswear design fuses bold embellishments and knits with exuberant shapes and silhouettes. The young talent draws inspiration from her childhood memories of being surrounded by weird and wonderful eccentrics and collectors when she  grew up in Denmark. Her colourful and inventive graduate collection received international press coverage with the designer being labelled ‘one to watch’ by Originating from Denmark, Trine graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2010.
 Vauxhall Fashion Scout tracked her down for a 60 second interview, where she unveils a bit more about her self...
VFS: Tell us about what it feels being announced as Vauxhall Fashion Scout´s Ones To Watch MEN winner? I was so happy to hear that I had been selected for Ones To Watch MEn, I really can't wait for the show in September. I am super exited to be showing with Vauxhall this season.
VFS: What would you do to celebrate?
TL: I haven't really had the chance to celebrate yet. -I am constantly working at the moment. After the show I want to be celebrating on a sunny holiday. 
VFS: Tell us about your industry experience till today.
TL:I have been doing various industry related jobs before completing my MA from the Royal College of Art.
VFS: What inspires you? how your mood-board looks like? 
TL: My inspiration is all about rubberbands. The mood is generally becoming much darker than expected, I am somehow moving away from my usual bright colours, but things a still changing a lot. 
VFS: what would be the most crazy thing you would embellish something with?
TL:I always use quite abnormal things for embellishment. At the moment I am trying out new ideas which includes, scrubbers, shuttlecocks and coasters.
VFS: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
TL:I would love to do costumes for theatre or films. I always admire Robert Wilson's productions and it would be amazing to one day have opportunity to work with him.
VFS: What kind of materials would you like to experiment with?
TL: LED lights, reflective and glow in the dark materials.
VFS: Where about in London you go out? 
TL:I live in Dalston so I normally stay local, even though I do try my best to avoid Kingsland Road as that lately has become too hectic.
VFS: Are you excited for September? 
Trine Lindegaard will show as part of Ones To Watch MEN show on Wednesday 21st of September, along with KYE, Posthuman Wardrobe and Baartman and Siegel. Vauxhall Fashion Scout´s office is gettin quite hectic with London Fashion Week´s preparation which will take place at our permanent Freemason from the 16th to 21st of September.
Already we have introduced two of our Ones To Watch MEN winners: Baartman and Siegel and Trine Lindegaard. Stay tuned as we still have to introduce you to exciting KYE and Posthuman Wardrobe.
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